Makai Poké Co.



Poke is a raw-fish dish that can simply be described as a “sushi roll in a bowl”, but that’s selling it short. It takes the best components of sushi like the raw fish, the rice, and the seaweed and introduces new flavors through sauces, seasonings, and mix-ins that marinate with the fish and take it to a whole new level of deliciousness. In Hawaii, it’s served everywhere, from restaurants (both sit down and take-out), to food trucks, to the fish section of supermarkets, and even sometimes in gas stations. It’s one of the most popular foods on the Islands.


Makai Poke Co. is truly a combination of East Coast meets Hawaii. After visiting the Islands and tasting hundreds of varieties of poke, we found that one restaurants recipes stood out, Umekes in Kona on the Big Island. After introducing ourselves to the owner, Chef Nakoa Parbre, and describing to him our vision, he agreed to collaborate with us to bring some aloha flavor to the East Coast. What happened next was something remarkable.


At Makai Poke Co. all of our fish is boat to bowl. This means that we are committed to bringing you poke made using the highest grade sustainably caught fish, so you can always feel good about what you are eating. Our team works exclusively with local purveyors to ensure that we are consistently bringing in the freshest catch. Our Boat to Bowl philosophy extends to all areas of our menu including produce and all other responsibly sourced Hawaiian and local ingredients.

Opening this winter.
521 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030